I would like to ask the travelers who have been to PARIS recently. Is PARIS weekly ticket Carte Orarge still in use now? Or has it been changed to Passe Navigo? Secondly, can I take the ROISSY BUS between downtown Paris and Charles DE gaulle airport with the Carte Orarge zone1-5 tickets?

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  1. Both Carte Orarge and Passe Navigo can be used. With weekly tickets, you cannot take the roissy bus. You need to buy another ticket.

  2. I just got back from Paris and we got the paper tickets. Although it often goes wrong, it is usually convenient because there is a staff service nearby.

  3. Carte Orarge can be used but it is ok for me to go to Fontainebleau and Disney with zone1-6 tickets.

  4. It is not OK to take the airline bus for subway tickets, but it is OK for me to return with the Carte Orarge tickets years ago.

  5. The airport is on the 5 zone so zone1-5 tickets should be ok.

  6. Excuse me, if I go downtown from the airport, can I use a weekly pass? Are weekly tickets available at the airport? Or do I have to pay in advance to go to the subway station?

  7. If you take the RER B or the RoissyBus, you can use the Carte Orarge zone1-5 tickets. But if you take the bus of Air France, the Carte Orarge ticket cannot be used. You can buy the weekly ticket at the RATP counter of the airport.

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