In early May, I will be in France. I plan to leave for Paris on April 30, three days forsightseeing, one day for Disney, and then probably on May 4, I want to Provence to see lavender. Is it early to see lavender in early May? Will it not blossom yet? And how to get from Paris to Provence? By plane or by train? How long does it take to go there by train? Do Disney tickets need to be booked in advance? Where can I book the ticket? Will the ticket be more expensive on weekends? Will it be crowded?

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  1. To reach Provence, you can take the train from Paris to Avignon (about two and a half hours). And then you can go to Nice, and then go from nice to milan. Taking the train is the best way to travel around Italy. Basically to reach all the places you have mentioned, three hours by train is enough. You do not have to buy a train pass between two countries. If you want to take the train of French railway, the ticket booked online in advance will be cheaper. If you take the Italian train, there is little difference in the price of tickets bought on site and online. Of course, it is better if you can get the discounted ticket of amica.

  2. Certainly, there is no lavender in early May. Lavender is in blossom from mid-June to mid-August. It is always crowded in Disney and you can book the ticket on this website:
    If you have taken the train from Paris to Provence, it is better to go to Italy all the way by train. The train ticket from Provence (generally starting from Nice) to Italy is the cheapest for 15 euros. For more information, you can refer to: If you travel from Paris to Italy, there should be many budgeted airlines. You can refer to or European train pass is not very cost-effective because in Italy and France, you have to pay a lot for reservations. The most expensive part of the trip is from Paris to Provence. Please go to SNCF website to find out if there are any cheap tickets.


  4. There is no flower in PROVENCE at this time,

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  6. Your schedule and time are very similar to ours. Our plan is : Paris-Barcelona-Rome-Florence-Venice-Milan-Rome.From Paris to any city in Italy no matter by train or by air seems expensive. So we choose Ryanair to go to Rome from Paris via Barcelona, unbelievably cheap!From Paris to Barcelona, around 45EUR for 2 and from Barcelona-Rome, 67EUR for 2. The only thing is you have to book it early.If you don’t want to transfer, you can also take a night train from Paris to Milan or others directly, but it takes a longer time and you have to be lucky enough to find the cheaper train ticket! :)The best transportation in Italy is to take trains. You can check the Italy train website as mentioned previously.Hope those information may be useful for you and have a nice trip!

  7. To get to Italy from Paris, you can take the TGV from Paris to Nice and take the train from Nice to Milan.

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