In Fiji self-drive, what are the traffic rules to pay attention to?

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  1. Fiji vehicles drive on the left side, opposite to mainland China. All passengers are required to wear seat belts.
    Fiji wild animals such as bison, mustang more, please pay attention when driving. In addition, roads in Fiji are generally narrow and require careful driving.

    refueling guidelines
    there are gas stations around major towns in Fiji, but there are few in the field. Oil prices in Fiji are high because of the country’s dependence on imports. Petrol costs about $3 per litre in Fiji.

    speed limit/overspeed limit/highway tolls
    speed limit of 50 km in urban Fiji, highway speed limit of 80 km. In Fiji, there are no real expressways or toll roads.

    parking instructions
    most areas can be parked for free. Parking charges are levied on the main streets of downtown Fiji. Automatic cash registers are normally set up at roadside markers, but only COINS, about $4 per hour, are accepted.

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