In Singapore self-driving, what are the traffic rules to pay attention to?

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  1. Singapore vehicles keep to the left, contrary to mainland China. All passengers must wear seat belts. Children under the age of eight must use the child seat, whether sitting in the front seat or in the back seat. You are not allowed to turn left at a red light unless the left turn indicator is on at the same time.
    in the morning and evening rush hours, some major streets in Singapore will have a temporary traffic jam. In addition, as the local roads are dominated by one-way lanes, please plan the driving routes.
    in addition, a fine of up to s $5,000 will be imposed if the engine is still running while the vehicle is not in motion, except for traffic conditions.

    fuel guidelines
    Singapore oil prices in line with international standards, gasoline about s $2.1 per liter. Diesel is generally 10 to 15 percent cheaper than gasoline. Petrol and diesel stations are provided with 24-hour manual service. With the owner’s consent, the station can even offer free car washing and other services. The speed limit in the downtown area is 50 kilometers per hour, the speed limit in the tunnel is 70 kilometers per hour, and the speed limit in the provincial roads is 70~90 kilometers per hour. Speeding fines range from s $130 to s $200 depending on the severity of the offence. The expressway in Singapore is basically charged by the electronic toll collection system (ERP). Before passing through the electronic gate of the expressway, the stored value card can be inserted into the car’s built-in card reader to complete the electronic payment. The tolls are determined by time, traffic flow and vehicle type, and generally range from s $1 to s $4. Most convenience stores and petrol filling stations provide recharging service for stored-value CARDS.

    parking guide
    the parking rate in Singapore is determined by the location and time. On Sundays and in the central business district, the parking rate is usually higher, about s $2 per hour. In addition to on-site payment, Singapore has a parking fee – fixed. The so-called fixed, is to show the date of the paper parking card system. When parking in a public parking lot, the owner of the vehicle tears the holes of the corresponding period in the fixed book, and then places the card in the front windshield of the vehicle for inspection. Illegal parking is usually fined s $70, and drivers must pay a towing fee and a fine if the officer tows away the illegally parked vehicle.

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