In Switzerland self-driving, what are the traffic rules to pay attention to?

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  1. Traffic rules
    Swiss traffic keeps to the right, same as mainland China. STOP immediately and wait at least 3 seconds for the STOP sign. Yield to pedestrians, whether there is a signal light or not. At the intersection, vehicles on the left have priority.
    because Switzerland has a long and mountainous winter, the snow is difficult to clean, so the roads are covered with snow for most of the year. Depending on the weather in different places, the government will force vehicles to change into winter tires according to the time. Vehicles without winter tires are not allowed on the road. Fuel guidelines
    local oil prices in line with international oil prices, about 1.8~1.9 Swiss francs/liter. Diesel is about 10 to 15 percent cheaper than gasoline. Basically, self-service refueling is adopted: first, self-service refueling, then go to the cashier and tell the number of the refueling area, and then pay by credit card or cash. Speed limit/overspeed/expressway toll
    expressway speed limit is 120 km. The speed limit of the national highway is 80~100 kilometers. The speed limit in the city is 50 kilometers per hour. Fines range from 20 to 260 Swiss francs, depending on the extent of the speeding.
    there are no tolls on Swiss motorways, which are paid once a year. Vehicles travelling on Swiss highways must carry an annual traffic Vignette voucher, which is normally included in vehicles rented in Switzerland, and drivers entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries may purchase Vignette at the border, post office or petrol station. The annual toll is 40 Swiss francs. Parking guide
    for parking, white line parking is free, blue line parking can be free for a limited period of time, the rest are charged. In the case of a blue line parking space, start parking by recording the parking disc behind the windshield. In the case of a toll parking space, the toll is generally self-service and the price is about 3.5 Swiss francs per hour. The ticket will be displayed behind the windshield. A fine of about sfr40 will be imposed for excessive parking on the blue line and about sfr120 for illegal parking.

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