In the seychelles self-driving, what are the traffic rules to pay attention to?

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  1. Driving instructions
    seychelles vehicles keep to the left, contrary to mainland China. The local road conditions are normal and the road signs are in English, but the roads on mahe island are very narrow and mountainous, so please drive carefully. Rural areas are less light, try to avoid driving at night.

    refueling guidelines
    seychelles oil price is about rs21 / l. Diesel is about 10 to 15 percent cheaper than gasoline. Most gas stations are open at 11 PM at the latest.

    speed limit/overspeed/highway toll limit
    residential speed limit of 40 km, the general road speed limit of 65 km.
    there are no motorways in seychelles, only express lanes near the airport.

    parking instructions
    you can park almost anywhere, but be careful not to park under coconut trees, because coconuts can fall and crush your car at any time. Parking violations, a fine of 200 rupees. & have spent

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