Is it cheap to take a taxi or a train from the airport to the city center? My girlfriend and I plan to visit Sydney next month. Our hotel is located in world square. Is there any shuttle bus? Thank you very much.

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  1. Thank you, How much if taking a taxi or airport pickup to world square. Thank you very much.

  2. Take a taxi is the most convenient ah, remember to leave before the CALL car on the line…

  3. The most convenient way is to by subway . I came back from there in March 2008.

  4. Take the train, This is more convenient from an economic point of view for two people less than 30 take a taxi almost 40. However the biggest inconvenience of taking a taxi is the traffic jam in the city . Especially from parramatta road into George street there is always traffic jam every day, you take the train to townhall station towards central walk to Liverpool street.

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