Is it convenient to buy stamps in Egypt? I want to send a postcard and it is said that the post office is crowded and it is inconvenient if you can’t speak Arabic. It is better to buy it at the hotel. Is it so? Are postcards and stamps easy to buy?And how much does a postcard from Egypt to China cost? What about sending it to other countries?

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  1. Before my friend in Egypt also sent the postcards through the hotel but all of them are lost. Later I sent it at the post office,and it is not bad!

  2. It is convenient to send the post cards both in the post office or a hotel. We had the postcards sent out at the guesthouse in catalin, but it took a long time to receive them.

  3. I find it convenient to buy stamps at the post office. There is a post office at the Cairo railway station and it is open until midnight. You can buy more stamps at a time, so you don’t have to buy them in different cities

  4. Stamps are sold both in the post office and the place where I buy postcards. The postcards are sent by the hotel and all of them have been received.If you go to the post office, some Egyptians don’t understand English.

  5. I sent 6 postcards to my colleagues last year in the post office, but it was strange that some colleagues received the post cards in ten days but others in 13 days ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It is not crowded in Egypt post office probably because we are at giza and there are only a few people there ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The post office does not provide paste and glue but all with their own saliva. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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