Is it difficult to find the bus route at the railway station? Do I need to print out the train schedule and take it with me? My companion doesn;t bring the computer, is there any possibility to check online in Switzerland. Thank you!

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  1. It is better to print the schedule out, it is more convenient

    It ‘s okay to search in the station, especially in the big RACES there are self-service computer can query and print (free, but only at the information desk, so can’t use 24 hours a day, ask the infomation desk for the opening time), or you can ask the Counter , and they will print for you

  2. Thank you very much for your reply so soon.

  3. There are free timetables in train stations so I don’t think are necessary

  4. Switzerland is too small to worry about scheduling trains

  5. There is no need to print it out.The schedule is on the machines in Switzerland. And there’s an English version. No problem. Don’t worry.

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