Is it possible for re-entry twice in Thailand? I will go to Bangkok Airport first, then apply for re-entry, go to Myanmar, return to Bangkok in a few days, then go to Cambodia, and then return to Bangkok by plane in a few days. How to apply for a visa to Thailand if I enter Thailand for the second time? To apply for a re-entry or landing visa? Thank you.

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  1. Thailand offers landing visas for Measai open to Myanmar. However, if you want to visit Tachilek in Myanmar, just leave your passport on the Thai to get a pass. Generally, we will go to or return from Myanmar by plane and landing visas can be applied at Thailand’s international airports. For the re-entry visa, you should apply for it in Cambodia, because Thailand does not provide landing visas for ports open to Cambodia and it is basically impossible to get Thailand visa in Cambodia. So you must first apply for re-enter visa before leaving Thailand. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter Thailand by land from Cambodia. At that time, you can only return to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to buy a ticket to Bangkok.

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