Is keukenhof tulip park near the Hague or Amsterdam?Is keukenhof tulip park in the Netherlands near the Hague or near Amsterdam? Thank you !

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  1. Personally speaking it will be convenient to go from Admersterdam. Take a tram to the central squarewhere has bus to the garden, but the Hague is also fun. There are many stones representing different countries in front of the international court of other countries. China is a piece of jade. You can go to Rotterdam to visit bridge, and go to Rotterdam from Admersterdam by train and it will pass Hague Train ticket is said to be the period of 3 days, after experiemtn I think this line is very successful ~ ~

  2. The Hague is close by Leiden, but Amsterdam is also very convenient, There is no big difference and it depends on your itinerary and hotel reservations.

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