Is there a bus from Nice to Monaco and canne every day? I checked the timetable on the Internet and it seems that no bus is available to canne and Monaco on the weekends. Why? Timetable website:

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  1. It is more convenient to take the train and there is a discount if you are less than 26 years old. The station is in the city center and Canna-nice-monaco are all on the same line. That is to say, if you buy a ticket for canna-monaco, you can get on and off for many times in the same day.

  2. Of course, there is a bus. If you go from Nice to canna, it is better to take the train but if you go from Nice to Monaco, it is better to take the bus.

  3. There are fewer buses on Saturday and Sunday.

  4. Of course, there are buses every day and they arrive every half an hour. The bus is cheap only for 1 euro. Taking the train is more expensive and the price is about 5 euros without a discount. Of course, taking the train is faster.

  5. It is very convenient to take the train and no booking is required. This train is more like a city train. You can go to the train station to buy a ticket and there is no seat number on the ticket.

  6. There will be a No. 100 bus to Monaco for 1 euro, and the scenery is very beautiful. I just went there today!

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