is there a match in Barcelona on 25-28 February? Where can I buy the scarf of barca team? What if I can get a cheap ticket? And where can I buy a scarf for the Barcelona football team? How much does it cost?

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  1. Where can I buy a scarf for the Barcelona football team? How much does it cost?

  2. Some of the club shops on the course are selling like 15 euros and there are several different prices

  3. The barca store next to the nou camp sells them for 12 to 20 euros in seven or eight styles. 25 to 28 no weekend, if there is no king’s cup game, there should be no game to watch. Barcelona official website will have the match information, Google Barcelona fc to find the website.

  4. Nou camp stadium next to the Barcelona store is for sale, a lot of looks, 15 or so. If there is a competition outside there are many vendors selling, also about 15.

  5. Downtown, such as the plaza DE catalunya, next to the sagrada familia, seems to have some official shops, have not been in, do not know the true and false price

  6. To buy fake, tourist area and around the pitch, not sorrow –

    to buy really, ready money, go to FC BARCELONA chain stores, as well as the Nike store (one corner is shirt, can also add money hot word), each big market big shopping center has —

    if you don’t buy, also need not worry, here are the official online store: Lid =6 can be ordered globally (the interface can be adjusted into English)

  7. You said there should be no ball during that period, week central European championship is to play away to Lyon, the league is the previous weekend’s home, is 22, I have studied, I also want to play Barcelona by the way to the nou camp to watch the game, struggling for a long time…

  8. Scarf is easy, but football tickets are not easy, LZ had better plan ahead

  9. B: yes. Online booking is also a member, originally intended to book April football tickets just to play. There seems to be a high risk of not getting tickets. alas

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