Is there a ship from Yemen to Egypt or Ethiopia? I want to go by boat, the distance is not far and I want to save some money and exprience something different.

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  1. Yemen is an unpopular place, and there is unrest there which it is not safe. You need a travel permit to go outside the capital.I recommend you to inqury the local travel agents.

  2. Thank you. It seems that there is still no answer to this question. I asked about 350 dollars for a round trip from Egypt, not sure how much it would cost to fly from Ethiopia. In addition, yemen is very hot in Japan and Korea, many people said it preserve the most authentic view. I still want to go to Israel, I don’t know if I can make it. Israeli stapling is said to be impossible.

  3. According to my previous information, we can go to djibouti by boat from yemen and then take a bus from djibouti to Ethiopia. However, the price of djibouti is a little high.

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