It is said that there is a ferry from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia. Could you please tell me the departure time and ticket price?Can you book it online?

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  1. I went there on New Year’s day and took the ferry of Silia. It took about three hours and the price should be around 30 for a single trip.

  2. I know that there are three companies offering ferry service, Viking, Silia and Nordic. Viking and Silia offer luxury liners, which are slow and expensive. If you go to Tallin, they are not recommended. The ferries of NordicJet specially run from Tallin to Helsinki, which are fast and take one and a half hours for a single trip. There are four kinds of cabins and many ferries to and from each day. There are often special offer tickets. Generally, OneDay Cruise tickets cost 40-50 euros. All tickets can be booked online, but some tickets can only be booked online.

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