Let’s share the details of the car pickup process with AVIS car rental company in Lisbon airport. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Lisbon airport for car rental companies opened up a special area, along the arrival hall to the right direction can be reached. The first one is AVIS. The procedure is very simple, but the car model has been changed and the cost has been added, which is not very ideal. After finishing the procedure, continue to go out along the corridor, take the elevator down one floor, you will reach the car rental floor. Lisbon airport has a special car rental company parking building, each car rental companies have their own areas. Give the car rental receipt to the car rental company staff, he will give you the car keys, and tell you the location of the car, oneself to find, oneself to check the car, oneself drive away.

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