Let’s share the details of the Hertz car return process at San Francisco international airport. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Just listen to the car return area of the airport, and find the car return point of your car rental company, which is generally Shared. Someone will come to settle the bill with you and print it out.

  2. Take the car back to a building, stop the car, the staff to check the car, hit the slip and leave

  3. The San Francisco freeway has clear directions. So convenient and simple. I can be reached directly by this signpost.

  4. We choose to return the car at San Francisco airport. The store is located at the airport express station. After returning the car, we will take the express to the airport directly.

  5. The fuel tank is 3/4, and the full tank of oil price and service fee is deducted, which is enough to add 2 tanks of oil

  6. Instead, go to the airport drop-off point and take the subway shuttle bus to the airport

  7. On the first floor of the airport car rental center, just follow the road sign. Hertz is dedicated to the first floor. If you are not in a hurry, you can ask the clerk to help you check the vehicle, confirm all kinds of information and return the car receipt.

  8. When the car is returned, there will be a very obvious sign showing the Rental car how to get there before the SFO arrives at the entrance. There are signs on the 101 highway and on the side roads. Follow the signs to the parking garage and you’ll be told which company is on which floor. Hertz is on the first floor. When we pull into a parking garage, the staff will direct us into the cadastral lane, put the car in front and behind, put the car keys in the car and then go. If not, you can wait for the staff to come. The staff push a small rack with a computer on it, and they usually check the car to see if it can be started, record the distance, and count it as OK if there are no obvious bumps (no scratches at all, but I think if something goes wrong they may deduct it from a pre-authorised credit card). If you need a receipt, they’ll print it out for you. We also brushed the car, I see a few lanes on the side of the brush have not, San Francisco is very clean, did not brush the car will not be particularly dirty, mainly because our car ran after the high speed can not see, the front is full of bodies. Because bought can not limit gas return car, we are basically empty gas return car.

  9. There are special instructions leading to the redelivery point on the way to the airport. Hertz has a special redelivery lane, and you can drive your car into it and let the staff check it. Finally, you can take the Air Train to the departure hall of the airport

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