Let’s share the details of the Hertz car return process at Auckland international airport. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Just park in the parking lot and give the keys to the staff

  2. Return car than the United States is also simple, directly to the key, asked a no problem, OK

  3. After entering the parking lot and finding a Hertz parking space, you go to the Hertz counter on the first floor to throw your keys

  4. Return the car is convenient, park the car in the parking lot and return the key to the airport lobby

  5. It’s very convenient to park your car in the airport parking lot and walk to the store to return your keys.

  6. Park in the Hertz parking lot. The office in the parking lot was empty at the time.

  7. There is a special Hertz parking lot, which is convenient to check the cars.

  8. Every company has its own parking area. After parking, people will take care of the Car at work. It is also convenient to give the key to the service staff wearing the specified clothes or return the Car at the counter in the lobby. Remember to take a picture of the car before and after taking the car, so that the first or the last car rental customers have scratch you can have evidence, because the foreign are conscious, mainly afraid of the language problem is not easy to communicate, so the most convincing. Thank you for your attention

  9. When you arrive at the airport, park in the designated area. The key to the airport store to the staff can be found, and then the end. The staff member is in be like 3 days or so, check a car over, deduct money, do not violate a regulation, the circumstance of car damage falls, did not deduct more basically. Of course, the proposal buys complete insurance, take a car to return a car to do not worry about.

  10. When returning the car, just park in the parking lot and hand in the key to the counter in the terminal. If it is daytime, there is a service counter in the parking lot, which is more convenient to hand in.

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