Let’s share the details of the pickup process at Hertz international airport in Auckland. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Every day, add 8 NZD to upgrade the RAV4. ALK will find a row of car rental companies just opposite to the door of the domestic arrival hall. Once he finds Hertz, he will go through the back door to the garage to pick up the car. Very convenient

  2. Oakland international exit left side can do formalities, go out can take a car!

  3. The old foreign office is a bit slow. Everything else is fine. It’s big and spacious. Praise. It’s super convenient to return the car

  4. The counter is two hundred meters outside the airport lobby in the parking lot. It’s very near and easy to find

  5. Take the car is very convenient, to the number is the number of the car on the ground, think is the license plate number, find along while, or blame their English is not good

  6. There is a Hertz counter at Auckland airport. The pickup point is in the airport parking lot. It is very convenient.

  7. Next to the international arrival of the export is the counter, do good procedures out of the airport hall a few minutes to the car, or very convenient.

  8. Foreign airport car rental is the most convenient, there are reception stores in the lobby, car is very convenient; Besides, it is also convenient to return the car, because overseas transportation departments will set up professional return signs at the airport, which is very convenient. However, many Chinese people are not used to it, so they must fill up the gas before returning the car. This is the credibility, every time the car is asked, that many of us forget to fill up the gas car.

  9. I was in Christchurch, New Zealand to pick up the car, in general, complete procedures for the speed will be very fast. I don’t think there is anything to share in detail. After I give all the materials to the staff, I will sign and pre-authorize the credit card within 5 minutes, and then go to the designated place to pick up the car. Extremely fast, no resistance.

  10. There is a rental counter at Auckland airport, which is easy to find. You can pick up your car at the HERTZ counter in the airport.

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