Let’s share the details of the return process at the Hertz airport. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Park your car in the parking lot next to the airport (a different parking lot than the car pickup), and the rental company will check your car on the spot and issue a bill

  2. Car place is KEFLAVIK based airport, car rental HERTZ counter will give a small map told car site, the HERTZ counter next to the parking lot, there are specialist will check whether full tank car condition, use the mileage, etc, in the event of an accident, we were their collision, the commissioner will survey, and issue a accident, and extra pay. All the procedures are smooth and can be completed according to the commissioner’s instructions. After returning the car, the commissioner drove us back to the hotel near the airport.

  3. Transfer in the middle of the night, do not need to do any procedures, the car in the designated location, the key into the designated box can be. They’ll check the car the next day and get back to you if there’s a problem

  4. The car is also in another parking lot, next to Smari Airport Hotel about 100 meters away from the Airport. If it is not working time, just drop the key into the drop box after parking the car.

  5. It is also very convenient to return the car, in the vicinity of the airport, there are various car rental companies, the car to there, in the house to call someone, someone to see whether full of gas. Check out the book in his toolbox and get out of the car. I also clean the car, people do not look at this, I see some of the car is very dirty also also.

  6. Hertz’s rental and return stores at keflavic airport are separated, and the car is returned from the airport about a 10-minute walk away. Since the redelivery point is open for 24h, it is suggested to reserve enough time and unload your luggage at the airport before driving to the redelivery point for car inspection. I didn’t ask if there was a shuttle bus or staff to take me to the airport. I walked to the airport after returning the bus.

  7. I drove to Hertz beside the airport by myself. After I checked the car, there was no car to take me to the airport. I walked back to the airport by myself for about 5 minutes. It is suggested to drive to the airport to unload the luggage first.

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