LP and I are going to Budapest on March 16th, then Vienna on the second day and Prague on the next two days… But I still don’t understand the traffic between these three cities.. The train ticket check is a little expensive.. EUROLINE says a lot of people write it’s like they don’t have a car… Should we buy the tickets when we leave or should we book them now? Train or COACH… If so, where to order… We are leaving for… Afraid of language problems…

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  1. It doesn’t answer all your questions. Euroline you can try to book the car, if you can book the car, the car will run normally, after booking the ticket, the ticket will show the address of the departure and arrival place, you can copy to Google maps to have a look, you can also print it out. although these cities are very close, you can also consider doing low-cost airlines, some low-cost airlines if you book in advance, the price is much cheaper than the ticket.

  2. Thanks for your reply… actually I’d rather take the train… flying doesn’t count.. What a waste of time.. EUROLINE just checked.. Price and fit.. you want to hear more before you order…

  3. I got my student ticket from Prague to Vienna last month at the train station, 800 Czech dollars.

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