may I ask about the Vietnamese visa

for example, I got the Vietnamese visa for one month, and I want to go to Cambodia by car in the middle. You can get a visa-on-arrival at the Cambodian border, right? Can I re-enter Vietnam from Cambodia on the same visa? I plan to go from Shanghai or nanjing to ho chi minh city, Vietnam on February 2nd, and come back in about 14 days. Are there any cheap tickets? Expect no more than 3,000 roundtrip-certainly the lower the better. Do you have any tongzi to recommend that airline? Domestic ctrip mango…

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  1. Whether you can re-enter the country depends on your visa, if your visa is multiple entry and exit can be, a single entry and exit can not be. These will be marked on the visa.

    around the Spring Festival is the peak, it is estimated that the ticket will not be too cheap.

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