My classmates and I arrived at ville station in Nice at more than 3 PM on April 4th, and took a bus to Paris at more than 5 PM on April 6th. If we want to visit Monaco, munton, EZE and cannes, and want to make sure that we have time at the Nice beach, what should we do? If we arrive in Nice on the afternoon of April 4 and then go to cannes, will we miss it? In addition, can we find the bus schedule of Nice online?

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  1. I just got back from there. You can go to Nice on the first day and to Monaco/ Munton on the next day and to EZE on your way back. On the third day, you can visit Cannes. I suggest you go to Nice by bus, which is cheap and convenient. The bus to Cannes takes a little over an hour and runs every 15 minutes. The bus to Monaco takes only half an hour and there are many buses.

  2. But will that be enough time in Nice? How much should I pay if I take the bus from Nice to Cannes? Will taking the train be better?

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