Now I am studying in France. Do I need to apply for a visa to Hungary, Austria, the Czech republic?

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  1. Yes, because they are all schengen countries, not because they are EU countries.

  2. 1. Joining the EU is not equal to joining Schengen. For example, Britain, Ireland and some EU countries are not Schengen countries. So you can’t visit these countries with schengen visa alone.
    2. Those who join Schengen do not necessarily join the EU. For example, Iceland and Norway are not EU countries until now. But since they have joined the Schengen Area long ago, you can go to these two countries with schengen visas.
    3. The Czech republic and Hungary officially became a member of EU on May 1, 2004! But you can’t travel to the Czech republic and Hungary with a schengen visa until they join the schengen zone on December 21st 2007.
    In short, EU member does not necessarily join the Schengen area, and the Schengen member does not necessarily belong to the European Union. As for the visa, it is only related to the schengen agreement and has little to do with EU membership.

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