< p > about visas, currency and via Hong Kong route < / p > I fly to Hong Kong from Europe, stay a few days back to jinan, there are several routes, don’t know what the cheapest: 1: direct purchase tickets fly to jinan few Hong Kong 2: sit to guangzhou jingjiu then fly back to jinan 3: by boat to shenzhen, then fly back to jinan several ticket price I can find, but the train and small ticket first really don’t know, plus in the middle of the fare, did not know which combined the cheapest!!

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  1. The most popular route is to take the KCRC from Hong Kong to luohu to go through the customs, and then to shenzhen airport to take a plane to jinan.

  2. I think if you are to take the plane of domestic airline to come back from Europe, can buy that kind of set ticket completely, namely from the European country that you are in — Hong Kong, buy a piece from Hong Kong next jinan, this is much more convenient

  3. Thank you, I know what LS means, I have asked, there is no connecting flight via Hong Kong, only connecting flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, that is to say, Hong Kong is the final destination! Everyone advised back to shenzhen or guangzhou, but there is a problem I must buy home early early period of a few votes, then basically very little discount, so be about 1700-1800, because I must buy to get early to abroad, so I buy it in Hong Kong to jinan also however 1700 or so, is there any way can avoid because of the price to buy domestic early and more expensive!

  4. The chance to go back by train

    cheap and thoughtful is not always there after all

  5. I am also going to have a summer vacation like this, but my destination is Shanghai, I do not know whether there is a more cost-effective air ticket

  6. It’s very cheap to make a steamship in Hong Kong. Jinan is very cheap

  7. Is there a ship from Hong Kong that can go to jinan? As a Hong Kong resident, my older aunt had never heard of such a thing.

    if there is, could you please tell us the detailed information? So good data is public to everybody know know, do not receive to bury to receive to bury by oneself!!!

    quote “” 5678ss wrote :

    in Hong Kong ship will jinan very cheap,,, hundreds of dollars, it is a little long time, it is the cheapest way” “

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