< p > to ask questions about eurailpass < / p > I want to buy a ticket for the fifteen-day eurailpass, but there are a lot of question not clear, please know that the elders answered, small woman thanks 1 I in Britain, where can buy the ticket from ah someone bought from China, too much trouble, I also have see on the home page, but is the site of the United States, can send to the UK

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  1. http://bbs.go2eu.com/viewthread.php? Tid = 14979 & forum = 30 & PHPSESSID = # e4237aba2fb7b4a84ff4cbada09fb6db forumpost177327

  2. Can send, to the upstairs is a, other what eurail.com can, but you must give the postage it will be 30 dollars. You ah ~ ~ ~ I’m going to travel around Europe in early October, save method is to buy a discontinuous use pass, then buy now with short or booking train tickets and short flights, both to save money and save time. Pass is used for a long overnight train oh.
    I don’t know when to go to?

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