< p >!!!!!! Urgent ask: go to Australia tourist visa problem!!!!!!

I am a university teacher, just held the wedding, want to use the time of winter vacation to go to Australia honeymoon travel. But at the suggestion of our friends, we hope to travel by ourselves. So I don’t understand a few questions about visa application. I would like to ask experienced friends to give me some advice: 1. Is it necessary to provide the proof of flight booking when applying for the visa? Can I book the ticket after I get the tourist visa? (in case of rejection so as not to waste money oh)…

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  1. First of all, congratulations. Wedding day

    1, is the order that is not a ticket, though it looking for an agent that playing a recording, (really can’t find, tell me your time, I give you do a)
    2, request you misunderstood makes a pavilion, if you are a current certificate of deposit, or put you two pay check COPY, just to prove you have a stable income to pay for the fees, in your house property, car production and certificate COPY, or at your families to borrow from the open a three months deposit proof.

    3, the letter is also ok in Chinese, Chinese and English, English is also ok, because the reading is Chinese. Want to have rise, write clear your name, surname to do not, date of birth, passport number, or id number, and your position and monthly salary or annual salary, it is ok to be in build a seal, the leader is signed do not sign be indifferent to, but must let a leader know you want to go out. That’s the thing. Your school is an organization code certificate.
    4, halo ah, you are so big, there is no and offer your parents. Unless your parents give us $1 million, no house certificate, purchase contract, or purchase invoice.
    finally, don’t ask the embassy because they won’t answer you.

  2. Thanks for your reply.
    but… If I want to go out at the end of January, how can I save the 3-month certificate now

  3. Quoting “
    ritaww wrote :
    thanks for your reply
    but… That 3 months deposit, if I go out to the end of January, now how all have already too late to save the full 3 months ah ~ ~ ~
    I am depressed is this problem “you have misunderstood, here is frozen for three months, 3 months also is a time when you go to a bank to open a certificate of deposit need to specify the issue after three months shall not be paid.

    it doesn’t mean that the deposit must be completed for three months before, but I put it in the previous week, and my visa was also expired.

    in addition, after the visa, the certificate of deposit will be returned to you, you can take this to the bank to thaw, so in fact, this money only need to freeze about a month on it.

  4. Actually, it doesn’t matter about the ticket. I didn’t submit the ticket for the visa materials.
    but attach the flight information to the detailed itinerary and tell the visa officer that you are already optimistic about the ticket, just wait for them to give you visa to buy.

    in addition, the problem of the school, do not need the President’s signature, as long as the President of your department’s signature on the line, the President can not find, find the dean also line, in addition to the school seal.

    house property certificate is the name of parents does not matter, I submitted is my parents, children notarization is not necessary, because the hukou has been written clearly.

  5. 2. The certificate of deposit, which I provided when I signed with my colleague, is the time proof, and mine is RMB 60,000. Personally, a well-paid, stable job has proved more useful. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 6-month fixed deposit or not.


    4. The property certificate is an additional proof of financial resources, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it.

    what I don’t understand is why so many people are always worried about refusal, refusal. I’m not offering enough, not enough. My experience is that it’s good to be honest. The materials I prepared are always very simple, and all that need to be translated are simply translated by myself on the copy.

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