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originally planned to sign up for a group to visit the United States for a few days, and I occasionally had a visa from the United States. However, the visa of Canada was issued in a single entry for half a year. I have already entered the country from France. Taian travel advisory, they said yes. The spot bamboo big people, you know??

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  1. Certainly!!!!! Quote “
    day blue blue wrote :
    originally planned to join a group to go to the United States for a few days, occasionally the United States visa, but the Canadian visa is half a year single entry,
    from France has entered, I do not know in the United States to play, can return to Canada?
    to tai ‘an travel advisory, they said yes.
    zebra bamboo adults, you know?? “

  2. Can, go to the United States do not calculate go abroad, Canadian custom thinks so at least.

  3. I’m sure you can. Just leave.

  4. I’m going to go to the passport office in TORONTO to consult officials there, and come back to talk about the results obtained there.

    but seeing LS say it’s all back
    I’m also full of hope quote “
    alida wrote :
    can I walk through.

  5. Yes, you can/
    my entry visa for Canada has already expired,, but I still could travel to the U.S

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