Please recommend places worth visiting for 8 days in Germang and Australia, thank you! I have some problems about the train pass! Routes: on the first day in Frankfurt – Cologne, Cologne -Heidelberg the next day, Heidelberg – Munich on the third day, the fourth day in Munich – Neuschwanstein, the fifth day in Munich – king lake – Salzburg Vienna, Salzburg – the sixth day, the seventh day of Vienna, Vienna, on the eighth day of Frankfurt. Does anyone give some advice?Thank you very much!

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  1. The open time of Neuschwanstein is available on the official website . The schedule is fine but I suggest you can visit either Austria or Czekh

  2. It is not so convenient from Munich to kingslake… It’s fine if you leave early on the weekend. Or in a hurry. The bus from king lake to salzburg is convenient, only about an hour.

  3. There seems to be no direct train! They have to transfer back to Munich. The total time is about 5 hours.

  4. For me, it is not necessary to visit King Lake. Natural scenary is suitable for making friends. You can visit Heidelberg for a one-day round trip,and there is no need to live there.

  5. Hi, your trip is similar to ours! we also plan to go in late September, but due to the tight schedule (only 10 days), we only go to Germany. Our plan is as follows:
    From Fuessen to Berchtesgarden,we need to ransfer to Muenchen, for 6 hours. If we leave in the early morning and arrive in the afternoon, it is impossible to visit the King lake and salzburg. we don’t have time for even one place . With only neuschwanstein castle on the previous day,we consider returning to Munich on the same the day, or going directly to the lake district (arriving later, if not in town, you may need to call a taxi). It might not be too late to spend the next dayvisiting the lake district and then going to salzburg. you don’t have to reserve a seat for a pass, there are seats available in most cases.

  6. Salzburg was too mediocre to be worth visiting

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