q: can I use my international student id card to discount scenic spots in Malaysia? ! ask seniors: genting, national museum of Malaysia, sabah’s kota kinabanu national park whether it is possible to discount the international student id (ISID). What about trains or light rail? I will leave on November 29th and return on December 6th. Wild horses

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  1. Never heard of such a thing… Take it with you in case…

  2. Ask together ~ do not know whether preferential treatment.

  3. It doesn’t seem to work, but it does (and I always do).

  4. In some places should be able to, but also need specific ask
    some hotel or guest house is can use ISID 9 discount

    reference “pole” by beijienen 23 published in the 2007-11-9
    to ask everybody:
    genting, the Malaysian national museum, sabah kota in Beijing that can ba’s national park, in the international student ISID discount? What about trains or light rail?
    I left on November 29th and returned on December 6th. Runaway horses ~”

  5. Attractions are almost unusable… Ah… I’ve been depressed… Almost all of their offers are only useful to local people ~~ with a Malay id card will give you a discount… ╮ (╯ del ╰) ╭ ~ but also some places will have… Though few and far between… Brother prison break is right… At the movies… Monday to Friday before 6PM is a discount ~

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