Questions about the overnight train. I am going to visit Belgium from Denmark. For example, I will departure from Copenhagen on 8pm on 1st and arrive in Netherlands on 10 am on the second day. Then I will take a bus to Belgium. So is it one day or two-day on the InyerRai?

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  1. According to the 19 o ‘clock rules of eurail, your night train situation is calculated as one day, and the 2nd is the use day, provided that the night train leaves after 19:00 at night.

  2. For example, from Denmark to Belgium, the departure time is 18:35 on 1st. The InterRai ticket cannot be used in our country. It needs to be purchased at half price for the exit train ticket. However, it is estimated that it will be after 20 o ‘clock after the departure from Denmark.

  3. For the fist time, the ticket should be validated by the staff and at this time it has set the starting date; The last time I bought interrail, it seems that the starting and ending dates are set when I bought it, which is directly marked on the ticket. At least in Germany, Denmark I am not sure. And you should fill 2 days on the ticket.

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