Questions for Prague to Poland’s Krakow train. I want to take the train directly from Prague to Krakow,but I cannot find where to book the tickets or I cannot understand the language. I have checked the train routes, but I am worried about whether I can get the train ticket in Prague if I don’t book it. I plan to stay in Prague for a whole day, so I can go to the station to buy a ticket when I arrive in Prague two days before the departure. Will I still be unable to get a ticket? And what should I pay attention to when buying a ticket? …

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  1. You can buy the ticket right in the station in Prague and there is no limitation about the which train. Conductor’s English is generally poor, pay attention to clear the number of people and whether it is single and return journey.

  2. How much is ticket from Bragg to Krakow?

  3. 4-people room, sleeping berth and 2nd class. I bought it on 9/2, departure on 9/10, 50 euro and bought it in the train terminal. VISA card is accepted for one night, and it’s very comfortable! Everyone buys 6- people room, so 4 rooms nobody buys, therefore I became one person in a room! Ha ha! There are seat tickets and should be cheaper .21 PRAHA hb. N, reach KRAKOW GLOWNY2 TRIDA (second class)2 TRIDA (second class)NEJLEPEKUPE 4 LIDI,0 SPANI1 DOLE1 DOLE

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