RENT PLUS in downtown Prague to pick up the car friends, to share the details of the process! Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. The store is small but easy to find. Facing the main road, it is near and convenient to pick up the car in the street behind

  2. With the printed car rental receipt, credit card, driver’s license and certification documents, as well as passport, you can handle, fast and convenient.

  3. On a busy road, the stores are small and not obvious.

  4. Take a taxi to get, Prague taxi is very pit, will jump word oh. Stores are easy to find, next to a big supermarket, rent a good car to go shopping

  5. The rental car company is on the main street, and although the doors are small, they are not hard to find. According to the requirements of renting a car, a Chinese driver’s license and a notarized document are required. I prepared a notarized document, but I gave myself a translation of the driver’s license at that time. The staff didn’t say anything, and it is estimated that they could not tell whether it is a notarized document or not. Give a skoda CITIGO, workers get back behind the house for a few words of left, the car is new, just opened more than 16000 kilometers, the most basic configuration, manual, estimated to be 1.0 displacement, opened more than 10 days the overall feeling is running out of steam, the two of us a child is not big, baggage is not much, but obvious slow start, on the way to speed up enough, run to more than 120 kilometers per hour will feel a little wave, trunk will be enough for us, because we are the bag, if it is a rolling suitcase estimates that it will. Cold car start gear is not good. The advantage of course is more fuel efficient. Moreover, there was something wrong with the car’s fuel gauge. When I took the car, the pointer did show that it was full of oil, but it didn’t take me long to run out and directly dropped one grid. Later, I also found that after I filled the tank, I ran at least 80 kilometers and still showed full oil.

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