show ticket about LV check online, Ka is more than 100, the last row is more than 80, O is more than 200, the worst is more than 100. Is it really worth it? Who has seen XDJM? Please tell me if there is any way to save money, such as where can I buy discounted tickets? I have seen it on ebay. Thank you very much!

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  1. Gu jian’s LV guide says

    is strip between MGM and Alladin hotels, there is a shop selling tickets for each show of the day, all half price

  2. Quote “
    felixochai wrote :
    gu jian LV guide wrote
    is a strip between MGM and Alladin hotel, there is a shop selling tickets for all show of the day, all at half price
    but I don’t know if there will be tickets for this kind of big show, has anyone tried it?

    That the info was not exactly correct. They only sell unsold tickets at a discount price. For the popular shows to the as those by Cirque DE Soleil, It is unlikely you will find those tickets on sale.
    you will have to wait at the ticket booth. A long time before they open to get those what unsold tickets.
    braking, Not all tickets are 50% off. We once got thckets for one of the Cirque DE Soleil shows, Mystere,
    And some of the shows offer limited discount tickets at their box office. But you will have to wait in line at least 2 hours before the show to get those tickets Some people love Cirque DE Soleil and are willing to pay a a premium for the shows and Some just go to see one for the sake of It since the Circus is so famous.
    My wife loves it and we have been to many of the shows including those touring shows in other cities. The one we watched in Texas, Corteo, Cost us about $600 for two tickets. I thought it was just so so but my wife believed it was totally worth it.

  3. Poor husband or happy coxmba?

    quote “
    , for only I thought it was just so so but my wife believed it was totally worth it.”

    those who like celine can stand by her!

    expensive tickets are expensive for a reason, sitting in a good position, it is not the same feeling, that will be worth the price.

  4. Jubilee is great. I read it last February at $77.o and I don’t have time to read it.

  5. On, the cheapest jubilee ticket is 48

  6. O buy on Bellagio’s website, and the most recent part of 10:30 was 25%off

  7. I have seen the SHOW below, welcome to inquire.

    NEW YORK-Zumanity
    LUXOR-Believe, Fantasy
    Treasure Island-Mystere
    Belagio-O Show > br /> cesar-celine Dion
    Mirage-Love > br />Venetian-Phantom
    Wynn-Le Reve

  8. can you give me a general introduction? We are definitely not the people with special artistic accomplishment, just watching the fun

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