Sydney – the gold coast – Brisbane – Keynes – Melbourne. I booked the ticket on September 29 to Sydney, and I will go to Sydney at noon on September 30, and then booked the return tickets of October 8 from Melbourne. From September30 to October 1, I plan to have a tour in Sydney city. At night, I will fly to gold coast. From October 1 to October 3, I will stay in the gold coast. In the night of October, I will take the plane from Brisbane to cairns. From October 4 to October 5, I will go diving in the Great Barrier Reef and on October 6, I will go to Melbourne early. I don’t know whether it is a tight schedule.

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  1. The schedule is quite tight, especially in Sydney. Only one day is not enough. If possible, take the evening flight from Sydney to the gold coast on October 1st. The ticket is not cheap. On May 1, I buy the ticket from cairns to Melbourne virgin at only 129 Australian dollars. I suggest you can refer to the website and see whether there is a special offer during these two days.

  2. The ticket from Cairns to Melbourne costs 559… It’s too expensive…

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