Thai landing visa requires a return ticket, but what if airasia does not have an e-ticket?

ticket booked in airasia, only one number, no e-ticket (PDF format). Only one order number in hand. thank you

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  1. Might not have been no electronic ticket.
    may be electronic ticket has not been sent out, generally the most late may send two days after buying the tickets.
    it is also possible that the payment is not successful, inquiry into the home page you will know that the payment was successful.
    some E-mail not receive mail, or automatically filters to be mistaken for spam.
    if the above several aspects are not, contact the airline customer service as soon as possible.

  2. I have booked the air tickets of airasia many times, and I will send you an email every time. There is a reserved air ticket in it, you can just print one by yourself.

  3. Hello, I would like to ask which credit card you use for the ticket you booked in airasia. It says that China merchants bank is not available, so I am now in a special hurry ~! Time passed day by day, looking at the price of air tickets, and no way to solve, if you can, can you tell me? How can I book a ticket? Thank you very much ~~1

  4. I really don’t know how the saying “China merchants credit card is not good” came from. Anyway, I myself booked tickets online with China merchants credit card, and I could receive the PDF itinerary sent to my email in time. If you don’t receive your email, go directly to the airasia website or print out your itinerary.

  5. 1. About e-tickets. The
    e-ticket, of course, has no face, but the confirmation page represents all the information you need. Click the order number in your account to point to the order. There should be a link that opens a confirmation page and prints out the page.
    China merchants bank credit card is the default can be paid online. Icbc needs to apply for opening, hehe

  6. This I testify that China merchants credit card is very difficult to brush
    I brush two nights only brush a return ticket
    later borrow friends wide hair card brush, quite smooth

  7. I am brush with card of action line double money, very convenient, pass. You open online payment on the website of China merchants bank.

  8. The Pacific card of traffic silver card cannot pay, made along while, call to hand in credit card center, say airasia unexpectedly is the website of abroad, Pacific card may not support this kind of trade, dizzy ah. The credit card that USES construction bank later, solved at a draught.

  9. zi fei fish xm wrote :
    traffic silver card Pacific card can not pay, make along while, call to the credit card center, unexpectedly said airasia is a foreign website, Pacific card may not support this kind of transaction, halo ah. The credit card that USES construction bank later, was done at a draught.”

    China merchants bank failed to see a number of examples, including myself, at present, China merchants bank has never been successful in booking foreign hotel tickets, but the construction bank has never been a time.

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