the itinerary of the trip to Cambodia and Vietnam from February 1 to 16 is confirmed

the basic itinerary is as follows, the round-trip air ticket has been paid, and it will definitely go. February 1 night, arrived in phnom penh, phnom penh, advanced deposit required hotel and tickets on February 2, the next day morning, a boat to siem reap, afternoon to buy tickets at angkor and the bakken mountain sunset on February 3 ~ 5, angkor 3, swim, fly to Hanoi on February 5th night, should be ordered in advance ticket Hanoi hotel and the next day, February 6, Hanoi, overnight train to hue, lodge overnight train on February 7, hue, play, SuShun change on February 8,…

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  1. I’m leaving on February 1st, too, but only to Vietnam.

  2. February 8, hue to hoi an, hoi an play, hoi an
    February 9, hoi an play, night train to nha trang, hoi an play, night train?

    hoi an is the most beautiful city in Vietnam. One day may not be enough. Nearby is MISON, a place like angkor.

    on February 10th, skip nha trang, go to dalat, play, stay dalat
    on February 11th, play dalat, stay dalat
    on February 12th, play dalat, stay dalat
    on February 13th, play, stay dalat
    on February 14th, play, stay dalat?

    Saigon also has many good places in the city. DALAT is advised not to live, except for a mountain railway station, other attractions are general. But there’s a flight from DALAT to Saigon, 1 shift a day, in the afternoon.

    February 15, play in sai kung, stay in sai kung
    February 16, land to phnom penh, play in the afternoon, return by plane at 11pm?

    Saigon has direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai, as well as early morning flights to Hanoi. Why return from phnom penh?

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