There are some questions about EUROPASS! Does EUROPASS include not only trains between countries but also trains within one country? For example, if I buy a one-month GLOBAL PASS, I can travel to and from different countries within one month, and also I can visit everywhere like Italy or France or any of the schengen countries. Is that right? Does it include bus and subway of different countries? It seems I can buy it on the GLOBAL…

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  1. And luxury bus,, is a lot cheaper than the EURO PASS. Is it too long to take a bus in Europe?

  2. Check out europass’s website and plan your trip before deciding what to buy. The train pass does not include indoor transportation or subways, as well as private transportation . Pass tickets for a small range are not expensive. Bus need reservation and it is not so convenient.

  3. If you live in the UK for a long time, you can buy interrail pass, which is much cheaper than europass. Generally there will not so many restriction on common train . However, for express, according to the different countries there are various restrictions. Germany, Austria, France, travel with pass relatively economical. French TGV requires extra 10 euro for reservation. we can directly go on German ICE.Bur s the price difference for Italy, Spain expres is bigger and not very economical. Pass is not available for express trains between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, with only a 50% discount. For parents, they can only use europass. There is 2nd class saver in multinational pass, which can be cheaper for two companions, but global doesn’t seem to have this kind of policy . To get the most value from pass, you need to plan your trip well, especially using pass’s 19-point rule. About the problem of using pass within the city subway transportation , most cities can not use pass to take the subway. In the past,it can take the train through the city, some European cities from the underground through the main city, can also be used as a subway. Reconsider if you are travelling long distances on euroline buses. After all, cars and trains are far less comfortable, less frequent and have less choice of routes

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