to bring cash to Mexico to ask the problem people in Europe, there are two days to go, but still hesitate to take all dollar to peso there, or use mastero in ATM directly take? Please experience! thank you

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  1. On these two measures alone, the former is better than the latter. but, when exchanging Dollar for Peso, it’s better to say ‘change after you get off the plane’ than ‘change before you get on the plane’ (but make sure you have some pocket money on hand). this is the universal truth, not just confined to Mexico. a better method is to remit the money to the destination and convert it into local currency (instead of cash). a bit better method, it is to look for your opening a bank whether to have associated bank in your destination (joint-venture bank, branch, concern bank), with ATM card (namely bank deposit card, not be credit card) pull local currency directly. Citibank, for example, has a joint venture bank in Mexico that USES atms to pull cash, almost as if it were pulling cash in New York. I’ve pulled cash in Shanghai and Mexico in this way, and it’s just as cool, no fees, and the exchange rate is the highest. For example, citibank has nearly 30 atms in Shanghai, such as pudong airport, hongqiao airport, international hotels and women’s shops

  2. Ha, I just got back from Mexico City yesterday. Provide some firsthand information. it is recommended to exchange euros or us dollars for pesos at the airport after customs clearance. The exchange rate between us dollars and pesos is about 1:10.8, which is higher than that in local Banks. in addition, I also used an ATM in Mexico City. Two of Mexico’s biggest Banks, Banamex, a subsidiary of citigroup, can use citibank’s bank card to withdraw money directly. The second is HSBC. I just withdrew the money by using HSBC’s bank card. The atms of the two Banks are everywhere.

  3. Oh, I see. How can I apply for debit card of citybank without asking BC question? I heard it’s hard to apply, so I haven’t caught a cold…

  4. Go to Mexico go up dollar, got off the plane to be changed in the airport (the rate of airport is the highest). However, the exchange rate is different. My feeling is that HSBC is better. You can also withdraw money from atms with a credit card. Mexico is at least a moderately developed country

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