two and a half days in Munich and swan castle enough time my friend and I went to Germany by car in April. I plan to stay in Munich for three days. But the first day is not expected to arrive in Munich until noon. Two and a half days to go in Munich and swan castle.

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  1. That’s enough. One day on the return tour of the castle and one and a half days left for Munich

  2. That’s enough. I don’t think there’s anything special about Munich

  3. Swan castle personal feeling is very general, if only one day I would prefer to go to king lake!!

  4. We all felt like building blocks when we saw it from the bottom of the mountain. It snowed that day and it was freezing cold. We also went to the king lake.

  5. Swan lake castle is probably best left to the winter months… at least I saw a castle and a pile of snow when I went there last month

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