We are planning to visit Seattle — Chicago by train. Are there sleepers on the train? How to spend the night on the train? If I buy a one-way ticket, can I get off in the half way and get back to the train after one or two days ? How can we have a comfortable place to rest with Rail Passes ? Or I can only get off and look for MOTEL. By the way, does the night train of greyhound have sleepers? Thank you very much! One more question: what are the websites for seattle-to-alaska cruises?

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  1. Why spend the night on the train? There are large travel agencies in the United States in http://www.gotobus.cn , as well as the Chinese bus. The itinerary here includes transportation and accommodation. The itinerary is written in detail. Seagull, bravo, happyvacation, American Asia, etc.. What’s more, buses are cheaper than trains in America, not the same as in China.

  2. By plane is a good option.It only takes $250 for round trip from Seattle to Chicago. It is worthful than taking a train in terms of time and price. There are several websites for cruise, the price is the same: http://travel.travelocity.com/ecruise/CruiseDestinationDetailsSearchForm.do? Service = TRAVELOCITY&destDetailsId = 2050

  3. Chinese people will never sail to Alaska without a Canadian visa. The best way to get to Alaska is royal Caribbean or Dutch cruises

  4. Thanks for your reply!The plan was to take a casual trip, with no particular destination, just to enjoy the sights of the United States, especially the unconventional places. Because the entry and exit are in Seattle, so choose around Seattle. One of the elders suggested a seattle-chicago train route, saying that the scenery was good and that we planned to stop and go, look all the way, and fly back from Chicago to Seattle. in addition, I would like to ask if you can take a cruise ship to Alaska without a Canadian visa? Is it still cold there in early July? Thank you very much!

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