We will take the plane at 6:15 am on April 9th but I find that the Paris metro is available at 5:30 am at the earliest, but we have to arrive at the airport before 5:30 am? How to get to Paris Orly airport before 5:30 am on April 9th? Besides taking the taxi, is there an airport bus there?

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  1. I took the taxi at that time, which cost less than 36 euros.

  2. The airport bus do not run so early. There are two night trains N31 and N 120 running between 0am to 5:30 am. For more information, you can refer to http://www.ratp.info/orienter/aeroport_noctilien_orl.php? Partenaire =# (click on the N31 or N120 above to see the timetable). You can use the carte orange or Paris visite tickets

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