What need to pay attention to Australia’s traffic regulations? I’m a little worried about driving on the left .

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  1. To remind everybody, you must obey the Australian speed limit signal and do not underestimate their surveillance system.

  2. You must pay attention to the speed when driving in Australia , especially on A1 HIGH WAY. We were fined 250 Australian dollars for overspeed this time, although the police is very NICE. There is often a speed limit sign on the A1 road. You must drive not higher than that speed. If you are photographed, the police will wait for you at the intersection ahead. If you drive over, he will turn on the warning light which will flash at the back to inform you to stop, tell you that you are speeding, and issue a ticket to you.

  3. In Australia, you must obey the traffic rules, not be overspeed and change the lane when driving. To enter the main road, you must first let the straight-through car go first, and the pedestrian pass first. In short , there is nothing wrong with civility.

  4. Driving habits in Australia are really different, it is recommended that the novice don’t go to the city first and drive on the Great Ocean Road.

  5. The vast and sparsely populated place is really a paradise for driving enthusiasts, but it is not free to act arbitrarily. The premise of enjoying fun is: law-abiding, skilled driving and good self-management consciousness.

  6. The roads in Australia are very narrow and the roads in the cities are very complicated, especially in Brisbane.

  7. It is a little strange at first to drive on the left side of the road in Australia , and it is easy to turn a windscreen wiper instead of signal light for mistake. But later I got used to it. 

  8. Driving on the left is not terrifying. When driving on your own, you should know more about local traffic regulations and driving habits. Some bad driving habits, such as disorderly merge into one lane without turning on the light, and not stopping when out of the small road to big road for observation, may compromise traffic safety.

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