What’s the difference between Keynes and the gold coast? Where is diving better? The scenery? Do I need to go to Brisbane if I go to the gold coast ? Is port Douglas in cairns more beautiful? We two girls will go there! Thank you very much!

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  1. The Gold coast is not a very good place for diving.

  2. Today I booked a plane ticket to cairns,and it is very expensive. The night ticket even costs 280 yuan! And the ticket from cairns to Sydney is also very expensive! Nearly three hundred dollars!

  3. Cairns is a long way from Sydney.

  4. The gold coast is a great place for surfing.

  5. If you want to save some money and time permitted , you can take the bus. I know there’s an intercity bus service.

  6. 1. If you go to Cairns, you can take the boat to see the Great Barrier Reef and go diving. The gold coast is better for surfing, and the beach is also very beautiful. 2. The gold coast is close to Brisbane. 3.Port Douglas is really beautiful and you can stay there for a day or two.

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