what’s the name of the town where TRIBERG is?I want to search the hostel in TRiberg but didn’t find any info. Since I was going to dip in the hot spring in baden-baden that evening, would staying in Triberg make it better to go to Freiburg the next day? Or is it better to stay in didi lake? Thank you very much!

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  1. I remember it was Triberg. If it was not found, it probably because the there isn’t hostel. Hostel is not everywhere.

  2. Full name: Triberg im Schwarzwald. It’s not far from Freiburg. But it is not so closed to Baden Baden. Titisee is further from Baden Baden.

  3. It is really comfortable after soaking in hot springs. The best thing is to find a nice restaurant , then take a nap in the hotel, and then it will be hard to catch the train . Triberg is not worth visiting personally speaking. KUKU clock price is very high, with hundreds euros, and Triberg is famous for this right? There is also a waterfall, ha ha ~ town is not very beautiful. And BADEN BADEN is pretty far away from here, and it seems to interchange in OFFENBURG? live near BADEN BADEN. I remember the scenery from TITISEE to FREIGBURG was beautiful.

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