Are you satisfied with Thrifty Australia’s service, queuing time and vehicle conditions?

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  1. I pick up my car in Melbourne, Australia, and I strongly recommend Thrifty,
    Thrifty is well served with warm reception staff and handles formalities quickly after checking driver’s licenses and translations, paying for car rental by credit card and a $385 pre-authorization and picking up the keys. When I went to the garage for a car examination, the receptionist made a record of some small scratches on the car and I was very satisfied. When returning the car, the receptionist let the key into the box, there is no on-site inspection of the car, so there are some concerns, he also took a picture of the gas meter, the appearance. However, there was no problem. After I came back, Thrifty company sent me an email to confirm that there was no car damage. OK! All in all, I am satisfied with the rental and Thrifty services this time and hope that travelers can get the same service and experience.

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