At Madrid airport, friends of SIXT car rental company, please share your detailed return process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Return the car and depending on the sixt map inside the car you can easily find a place to change

  2. T4 at Madrid airport terminal car, also must pay attention to, be sure to go the most the right side of front direction, separate a slightly curved path that is dedicated to the car rental company also automobile channels, the channel is in charge of the parking lot, and no car in the parking lot, I don’t know, go straight, to ask people, is a Spanish Boyle, did not understand English, ask N many people, also made 1 parking, around the road again, back entrance, find car passage again, it took 35 minutes.

  3. Because I chose to return the car with full oil, I filled up the gas near the store before returning the car, and directly returned the car to the store at the airport. After checking by the store staff, there was no problem, so I handed over the key and left. I said the payment would be returned to the credit card in about 7 days.

  4. Return the car to the designated location of the airport, there is a very clear car rental company LOGO, after the car parked. Next to the car rental company stores, let them check the car, and then leave.

  5. After filling up the oil, park the car in the designated area according to the instruction sheet. There are staff on the scene to confirm and complete the handover procedures.

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