AVIS car rental company in Chiang mai airport to pick up the car friends, to share the details of the car pickup process! Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Counter is not very good, find the exit after come out to see a brand, but something written in Thai, there is a phone call, after a round of apples and oranges said the counter is not in the original, the most to the end of the left side in the airport, and then all the rent-a-car counter in the original, the procedure is very convenient, the staff also emphatically told us what not charging please sign, avoid a lot of grey areas, the feeling is very good

  2. You’d better go to the counter at the domestic arrival gate to pick up your car. The parking lot outside is also at this end.

  3. The counter is right next to the domestic exit, and the pickup point is just outside the gate, which is very convenient

  4. Chiang mai international airport arrival hall with AVIS counter, asking after left to domestic arrival hall no. 2 take car door near the formalities, passport, driver’s license translation, credit card, sign, car, walk about 50 meters and then go out to left the car parking lot, show the car, pulled up staff, fly in the ointment is not provide alternative more car. It was convenient to simply check the car and drive away.

  5. Early netizen’s directions almost misled us, we took the car out of the hall after the door has been left, went to the end of the car can not see the car counter. After asking finally know, in fact, the car rental counter in the airport hall, do not go out of the airport hall, from the international hall left to the end of the hall, is the car rental counter.

  6. AVIS at the counter of Chiang mai airport near the gate, arrive in exports, there is a counter, but no one is in reception, leave your phone to customer contact, if change to notes to walk directly to the one near the door, when we were first to see a lot of people standing in line, may think the staff just short leave, just go abroad, estimates that a lot of people haven’t open English mode, rather than waiting for, do not want to go to the call.

  7. Chiang mai airport is very small, look out to see, Bangkok airport arrived out to be able to see

  8. It’s very convenient. The counter is on the left of the exit, and it’s 100 meters from the gate of the airport to pick up the car. Very convenient

  9. It’s very convenient. It’s in the airport exit hall. The car is just outside the hall, 20m away.

  10. The AVIS counter at the international arrival exit is empty. The AVIS counter at the domestic arrival is empty.

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