For those of you who return your car at Bangkok’s suvarnabhumi airport, let’s share the details of the process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. At suvarnabhumi airport, avis point is some distance away from the terminal. You need to navigate in advance. After driving the car, the staff will take a free minibus to the departure hall of the terminal

  2. Avis returns the car at the pickup point, searches the transportation center on the map and drives past. The gas station is very easy to find!

  3. The place of returning the car is the same as the place of taking the car. By the time Google reached the drop-off point, a section of the road was permanently closed and had to make a wide turn to the left near the viaduct, as shown on the map provided by the car dealer

  4. Drive your car to the parking lot where you pick it up, and then check and return the car at the AIVS store in the parking lot. There is a gas station next to the parking lot, which is very convenient. It should be noted that it is better to mark the pickup point on the Google map when picking up the car, and then use the Google map to navigate to the destination when returning the car. Overpasses and roads near the airport are a bit complicated, otherwise you may drive in the wrong way.

  5. The car was returned to the airport store. The location of the store was extremely difficult to find. We had to drive into the next bus lane to return the car, or else we could not see the store.

  6. I went to the airport car rental counter first because only one of the staff couldn’t get out of the way and gave me a map of where to return the car

  7. The transfer place is the place to pick up the car. After going through the formalities, the clerk will ask which airline it is and the shuttle bus will be sent to the corresponding gate on the departure floor.

  8. Direct use of navigation back to the car rental company store car return, return after the store staff will help call a taxi or to the airport

  9. The exit to the airport arrival hall. There are obvious signs. AVIS is with HERTZ’s counter.

  10. I used GPS to locate the store when I picked up the car, and I navigated to it when I returned the car. Using AVIS maps alone would be difficult. I also told the AVIS staff about this. I asked them to provide the latitude and longitude of the store, and I also told them the GPS coordinates measured by my device. I hope they can improve it next time.

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