I don’t know what to do ~~ In addition, has XDJM booked a hotel on hostlword? Then I booked a room and chose 2 a.m. in the check in time option. I didn’t see any check in time limit, and I think the hotel is 24 hours reception. I’ll email this hotel… Are there buses or subway from the Milan GBY airport at 1am to the downtown. And did anyone book hostel on hostleworld? I have booked one and selected the checkin time is 2am. I did’t see any limitation on the check in time and this hostle has 24h receiption. Do I check in at 2am?

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  1. From the airport to milan bus, here are the airport information below. Destinazione corsa: Milano Stazione Centrale FS (Air Terminal) Orario e frequenza Dalle 4.30 alle 01.00 from 4. 30 to 1.00ogni 30 minuti circa 30 minuti circa 30 minuti circa 30 minuti circa 30 minuti circa Tariffe andata semplice: Euro 7,90 single ticket 7.9ridotto: Euro 3,95andata/ritorno: Euro 14,50 roundtrip 14.53X2: 15,80 Euro Biglietteria I biglietti possessere acquistati presso l’ufficio di Autostradale tickets can be purchased at the Autostradale office Gestore del servizio Autostradale Gestore del servizio Autostradale Call center 035 31847202 33910794 there seems to be the last one at 1:00. If not, you’ll have to live in Bergamo. no matter when you check in, you have to check out at 12:00 the next day. You can live near the airport.

  2. However, I paid the deposit on the hostlword, but it’s okay the deposit will not be returned. However, it seems that it can’t be cancelled now. If I don’t check in, it seems that it willcharge money from my accout for one night. Is it easy to find a local hotel? Will it be expensive to take a taxi to downtown milan if I miss the last bus? I had never thought that the airport bus might not be available.

  3. Some HOSTEL can check in at midnight and it is 24 hours, but it will not write it out.

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